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Originally Posted by thakid22 View Post
May I suggest a 3rd option?
Base 330i + Summer tire + Front and rear sway bar upgrade = WIN!
I think it would be better than both the options you listed.

That being said, I have yet to drive any G20 3series.
As long as the base suspension is not bouncy (i.e. is well damped), a sway bar upgrade with sways may very well be the best bet.
In the past (f30), the base suspension is horribly damped. Adding springs, sways, or summers won't fix that. New shocks are required on those.

If the G20 rides flatly (no vertical bounce/float), then sways and summers would be mint.

Looking at videos, I do see that the G20 base suspension has more nose dive than any F30.
Perhaps the nose dive is better controlled in the optional suspensions. I don't know yet.

It corners pretty flatly from my experience. Eg. On a Sharp turn, the front hood remains pretty level. The car is noticeably stiffer and firmer than my old F30. The new lift related dampers work pretty well.