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2019+ BMW 3 AND 4-SERIES FORUMS (G2x Generation) Photos / Videos / Journals G20 M340i spotted in Santa Monica!

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      10-30-2018, 06:07 AM   #133

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Originally Posted by Fritzer View Post
E90 was actually smaller when compared to E46(-5mm average). G20 is significantly larger than previous F30(+39.5mm). I would also argue that the change in design language from E46>E90 helped the car appear smaller. While the same goes for F30>G20, but the opposite. The more aggressive and blockier design makes for a larger appearing car. Take from that what you will.
E46                                  E90 -5mm average deviation from E46
Wheelbase 2,720 mm    Wheelbase 2,760 mm +40mm
Length	4,490 mm        Length   4,520 mm +30mm
Width	1,810 mm        Width	    1,780 mm -30mm
Height	1,440 mm        Height    1,380 mm -60mm
F30                                  G20 +39.5mm average deviation from F10
Wheelbase 2,810 mm    Wheelbase	2,851 mm +41mm
Length       4,620 mm       Length       4,709 mm +89mm
Width        1,811 mm        Width	       1,827 mm +16mm
Height       1,430 mm        Height       1,442 mm +12mm
You quoted E46 width including mirrors and E90 without. Also I donít think height is anything to do with perceived size.
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      11-06-2018, 01:50 PM   #134
Major General

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Originally Posted by x986 View Post
Yup, it's a driving machine. And this one will probably better than the last. My mid-cycle update '16 340 with adaptive suspension and all the goodies is a great car. My lease is up in February, and I'm shopping. I tried an '18 Audi S5 V-6 and thought "Ehh". Driving home in the 340, I knew it was a better car than the new Audi.

I may get kicked out of the club, but I have never bought BMWs for what I have always thought were their 'rather ordinary' looks, but because they come closer to "the ultimate car" driving experience than anything else on the road. Now, if I can just get one with less than $10K premium over a Genesis G70 - - -
I am including the G70 on my list for my next car as I see no reason not to.
From preliminary reviews it appears that BMW has stepped up and recovered from it's stumble with the pre LCI F30.
The LCI 340i Msport that I had was/is a great driving machine compared to it's competitors. It's unfortunate that the initial F30's, mostly 330i's with no sport package became the "first impression" that hung on.

I tested the reviewers "love fest" Alfa Giulia. Yes, it is a very nice looking sport sedan. The driver ergonomics are an unmitigated disaster. I don't care if the car looks like the hottest swim suite issue model wearing no swim suit. If the car doesn't feel right, and doesn't perform well, then the looks are only superficial.
I don't drive my cars sitting next to, behind, or in front of them.
I sit IN them, and that is what is most important.
The driver position, the reach to the controls, the adjustability range, the feel of the throttle pedal, the brake pedal, and how response it feels to the driver.

For the past 15 years I haven't driven a competitor to BMW that felt better to me. I had a 2006 A4 and it was a sweatheart. Slightly different feel all around, especially since it was a Quattro. Ergos were good, a bit different but good.
Still, when I got back into BMW, a 135i sport, I stayed for a while.

I read a lot of reviews on the current S4, took some short test drives and decided to give it a try as I didn't want to wait for the G20 M340i.
Having this S4 since August, I have no idea what car the reviewers were testing when they lauded and applauded the S4.
Even in what Audi calls "Dynamic/Sport" mode the throttle is extremely laze a bit slower than BMW's "normal" mode.
In standard/normal Audi mode the throttle response feels as bad, if not a bit worse, the BMW's "Eco" mode, and I hated that mode in my last two F30's.

The S4 has the same ZF AT, with the same drive gear ratios even, as the BMW 3 series. Final drive is different.
Audi's programming of this excellent AT completely ruins the whole driving experience, and thus this whole car.
The trans seeks top gear even faster than the pre LCI F30.
It will go to 8th gear by 40mph, dropping the engine RPM to 1100.
The peak torque doesn't start until around 1300-1400 rpm, but Audi programmed the damn thing to shift to 8th, by 40mph, and dropping out of peak torque range.
Couple that with the always sleeping throttle and I'd like to slap the Audi S4 engineers.
Those early test cars must have been ringers, cause the majority of S4 and S5 owners bitch about their throttle and trans also.

Oh, and in full "manual" mode, the trans will shift a touch before the engine red-line all on it's own, automatically, while in full "manual" mode. Yeah, that's "manual" alright. Sure it is.
Oh, and full throttle downshift sucks.
Example; at 50mph steady cruise, the trans is in 8th gear, engine RPM around 1400. Stomp full throttle it engage full kick down, the trans will NOT go to 2nd to give full peak torque thrust, instead it only drops to 3rd coupled with a slight turbo lag as there is barely enough exhaust pressure to spool the turbo at that low of an RPM.
The everyday bread and butter A4 with it's 2.0 turbo feels more responsive, and that is a shame considering the S4 is supposed to be the "higher performance" variant.

After over 2 months I still can't get comfortable in these "sport" seats.
The bottom cushion tilts down at the rear, and the front can't be lowered to level it with the rear. Adjustments go up from the awful base level. When I push the seat back to a comfortable distance for my legs and feet, the reach to the steering wheel is not too far away.
AWFUL, and stoopid in design.

My point, to me, it's greatly more important how the driving aspects work, the connection from the hands to steering wheel, shifter, controls, to how the seating position connects to the other driving controls so that the driver is comfortable and connected and thus in better control of their car, that adds the fun to drive factor.
The driver ergonomics, and how the throttle connects to engine response, and how that engine response connects to the trans doing what it needs to do when it needs to do it. The total sum of the individual parts working together to give the driver the sense and feel that everything is working in concert to give you what you want and need. Those things are much more important than fanciful digital gauges, or stitching type on the dash seams, or some strange little shape like a taillight that makes someone say, "This 3 looks too Japanese". C'mon, really? The paddle shifter placement and gear select lever are much more important than some different looking kink in the sheet metal that may look "too Japanese" or not "German enough".

The G20 looks very modern, very BMW, and quite nice.
The F30 looks/looked very nice as well.
Yes, the interior was not "ooooh, aaahhh" fancy, but the driving experience was/is still much better than the competitor cars that may look better but don't feel better when driven.

One thing that is superior in the S4 to both F30 I had, the suspension.
The magnetic dampers are seamless, fantastic. And the spring rate calibrations are a good bit better than both pre and post LCI F30.
This car grips the road tenaciously, flatter than the F30 and inspires a bit more confidence, just a touch.

I'm reserving my judgement until I get to really test drive the new G20, both 330i Msport and M340i. The look and feel from the driver's seat is the viewing angle that will be the most important and most telling.

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      11-21-2018, 11:20 AM   #135
Tazmn Jr
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Originally Posted by JRobUSC View Post
Originally Posted by Tazmn Jr View Post
Too generic. Side profile is not bad. If it weren't for the new technology and the improved interior the G80 wouldn't be a consideration. I'll wait to see what the G80 has in store and if that doesnt do it for me I guess it's time for me to seriously consider Porsche's 911 as my next car.
Right, same here, because if a 3-Series sedan doesn't do it, the only logical choice from there is a 911, the natural competitor to a 3-Series sedan. [/SARCASM]

The 911 is not a direct competitor to the M3 but who said I needed a sedan. The kids are grown and I'm headed into retirement so the 2 seater life may come closer than anticipated if the G80 is a flop was the meaning. [sarcasm] taken
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